Lincoln School’s Dress Code


  1. All students are expected to be covered from shoulder to mid-thigh.
    1. Shorts may be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee.
    2. Any rips on jeans must be more than four inches above the knee unless there is no skin showing.
  2. Students must wear footwear that is suitable for P.E. Gym shoes must be worn. For the first semester of the 21-22 school year students will be required to wear closed toe shoes as we may be doing some physical PE activities on certain days.
  3. Examples of unacceptable attire include, but are not limited to: Clothing that advertise alcohol, drugs, gangs, tobacco, gambling, promoting violence, or obscene or vulgar language
  4. No undergarments are to be seen - (an undergarment is anything under your shirt/top or pants/jeans/shorts).
  5. Crop tops, low necklines, see-through clothing, including lace, tube tops, spaghetti straps, loose-fitting tank tops, one-shoulder tops, or halter tops are not allowed.
  6. No skirts or dresses permitted, due to P.E. purposes.  
  7. Midriffs front and back must be covered.
  8. Any item of clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, book bags, purses and other similar items may not be worn or brought to school on which any of the following appear:
    1. a. any reference to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, weapons, etc., including advertisements
    2. any symbol, image, word, etc., that is obscene, vulgar, lewd, or profane
    3. any reference, symbol, image, word, etc., to violence or gang activity
  9. Outerwear is not to be worn in school - sunglasses, gloves, scarves , hats, etc.
  10. Purses are allowed as long as they are smaller than a sheet of paper.
  11. Leggings and yoga pants are not permitted as outerwear. in the classroom.


Lincoln School staff reserve the right to determine at any time if any piece of clothing, jewelry or anything worn by the student is unacceptable in the school environment and may ask the student to change or remove it. Students are required to comply with all staff instructions regarding dress and appearance.