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Counseling at Lincoln


The purpose of the Lincoln School Counseling Program is to guide students towards positive decision making that will prepare them for successful transition back to their home schools and/or prepare them for transition to college or the workforce. 

Counseling Program Components

Intake information for new students attending Lincoln.
Course Mapping
Academic plans are individualized for each student.
Student Attendance/Truancy
Students work with counselors and truancy officer to ensure consistent attendance.
Group Counseling
Each classroom receives weekly group counseling covering various topics.
Review/Transition Meetings
Counselors work with students' home schools to monitor student progress and ensure successful transitions.
Intervention Plans
Counselors work individually with students to develop positive strategies for achievement.
Individual Counseling
Students are provided one-on-one support from counselors as needed.
Home School Communication
Counselors routinely keep students' home schools up to date on student progress.
Work with Families
Counselors regularly communicate with families regarding academic progress and social/emotional concerns.

We develop partnerships with community agencies.

We strive to use all community resources available to us. The use of outside resources helps foster relationships between community members and available community means. These help connect students and families to each other and aide when and where possible. They help us address issues when we do not have the resources to otherwise do so. If you would like to partner with Lincoln School please contact one of the Counselors. We currently partner with:
  • Will County Health Department/SASS
  • Joliet Job Corps
  • Guardian Angel Community Services
  • Rosecrance
  • Joliet Junior College
  • Joliet Police Department
  • Will County State‚Äôs Attorney

It is important that students begin to think beyond Middle and High School. Whether students plan to attend a 2 year or 4 year college or immediately enter the workforce, planning is important. We encourage our students explore their options and utilize all the resources that are available to them.

Below are some of the resources we use to help students make informed decisions about their future.

The College Board:
This website can allow students to search for colleges based on almost any specific criteria they have for a school. (location, size, major, sports, cost and more).
FAFSA: Federal Student Aid site
This site has the application to receive Federal Aid money. Be aware of deadlines! The earlier you apply the better.
Wells Fargo
An informational video on the Steps of paying for College.
O*Net Online
A website designed to help students explore career options.
Bureau of Labor Statistics
A website that allows students to explore career options. It provides up to date statistics regarding varying careers as well as provides other career options. This site also provides information regarding the basics of each career and education required.
The Common app
Now used by a large variety of Colleges and Universities.
Joliet Junior College